Ebb & Flow launched in 2011 because there was nothing out there that looked or felt luxurious, cool, pretty, hand-made, good-for-you and affordable all at the same time. With a background in design, the packaging had to be sustainable + matte black (we’re from NY, everything has to be black) with a pop of color. You want to be noticed, but in a classy way. No one, that we know of, adorns their home fragrance or bath products with hand-dyed flowers. Plus with two design awards, we had to keep it. 

What about the ingredients you ask? They all have essential oils and pronounceable ingredients. None of the products are tested on animals (which should be illegal in every way), we test it on ourselves….and friends, although, they are way too honest sometimes.

We are a small business in Brooklyn, which is how we can control the concepts, design, scents, sales and production to the very best. Most of our vendors are based on the east coast if not somewhere in the US. Every year, we listen to our customers and bring in new scents and products. Throughout the year, we can have up to 20 different scents to choose from. It’s not easy, but the studio always smells gorgeous and our neighbors never complain.

If you think we need to add or change anything, we would love to hear from you. We’ve got thick skin, so please be as honest as our friends! Compliments, of course, are always welcome.

Thank you,
E&F Team