Check out our newest launch of natural soaps! You loved our candle and diffuser scents, and now you can enjoy that same essence directly on your skin. Not to worry, we kept some of your favorites! Our single bar soaps are 100% free of harsh chemicals. We use plant-based essential oils to soothe, moisturize & nourish the skin. Unlike commercial soaps, our recipes never include extracted glycerin or animal fats. All of our soaps are hypoallergenic and most are vegan- no unpronounceable ingredients in these soaps! By design, Ebb & Flow soaps have density and are longer lasting. Enjoy our soap fragrances that range from classic notes to unconventional harmonies.


No time to backpack through India? Well then, this scent will transport you there. It not only helps achieve mental clarity, but it also has an effect on overall well-being... Learn More



The stimulating tea and spicy clove are combined with the soothing sage and aloe will invigorate and help focus the mind. It’s time to get down to business people! Learn More



Then gentle, sweet-earth scent of tobacco is given shimmer with ground mica for exfoliation. Petals of the calendula flower offer healing qualities, making this a little diamond in the rough.... Learn More



This dark scent noir possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that captivates the senses. Could it be the heavenly petals of violet resting atop a sheer layer of gardenia?... Learn More


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